Drifter Veterinary Care

Austin’s Affordable, Friendly Feline House Call Practice

Dr. TC Givens (they/them) AKA The Queer Cat Vet, strives to provide affordable, friendly, low stress, down to earth mobile veterinary care to the cats of Austin’s LGBTQIA+ Community & Allies.

Who is the human behind Drifter Vet Care?

Dr. TC has had a passion for cats since they were a child. The majority of their waking hours were spent hanging out with the numerous cats on the family farm. They graduated from Texas A & M University, College of Veterinary medicine in 2012. Their focus of study in veterinary school was feline medicine and animal welfare. After working in animal for the 6 years after graduating, they decided to pursue their dream of being the doctor of a feline only practice. Knowing cats as they do, they realized that many cats would benefit from having the vet experience be inside the comfort of the cat’s home.



Annual Exams and Vaccinations

Flea Prevention and Heartworm Prevention

Minor Injury and Minor Illness

Senior Cat Bloodwork and Senior Cat Maintenance

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